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“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.” Luke 2. 14

Outwardly, Jesus' life was anything but peaceful - from Herod's murderous attempt to obliterate him at birth to his torture and crucifixion on Calvary. And yet he seemed to glide - or stride - through it all with an internal tranquility that belied the turmoil. And this is what he offers to us.

True peace is not enjoyed through avoidance or denial; it is reserved for those who are prepared to live faithfully whatever life throws at them. And the secret of living faithfully is trusting that Jesus has our back; moreover, that the same Holy Spirit which enlivened and enabled Jesus is at work in us too.

We already have that gift but we must cultivate it. To be a Christian is to take God at his word: that he loves us, that he has redeemed us and that he has equipped us to continue Jesus' mission of bringing salt and light into society, as we prepare for his return in glory.

Our place in God's future secures us as citizens of heaven, which releases us to live our earthly lives as pilgrims on the way to a better place...



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