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Social media kindness day

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." Luke 6.31

Here is something for those who have been slinging mud throughout the mid-term elections in the USA, or others caught up in the furore surrounding Sir Gavin Williamson. My own sympathy is reserved for children, whose lives are ruined by the virtual poison-pens of so-called friends ganging-up, albeit remotely, to make their lives a misery. I can only sympathise, rather than empathise, because I prefer to fritter away my days in places other than social media. Yet the "meta-verse" is impossible to ignore, so what is to be said about it, that is constructive - even kind?

It certainly offers a way of being in touch with many people, instantly and anywhere. That can be a blessing or a curse. But here, as in the "real world", the same principles can be brought to bear which create the benevolent conditions we need to flourish, guarding against our baser instincts to harm and manipulate. In his teaching, Jesus re-iterates the Golden Rule quoted above. This invites us into the skin of those with whom we interact. They can be intimate friends or people we have never met. I need to remember this when I'm travelling or on the phone to strangers!

We may or may not be rich and famous. God knows we have enough of such. Others have put it more eloquently than I can but what the world needs is more kind people who, as the prophet Micah exhorts, will "act justly, love mercy and walk humbly". Imagine a world where that happens, virtually and tangibly! Today's challenge is not to wait for it but to get on with it. To be that sort of individual in order to build that sort of society and thereby become part of the new thing God is doing to reconcile all of creation.

... gun dèanadh do thoil air an talamh mar a nithear ann an nèamh...



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