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That weekend feeling

"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land." Song of Solomon 2.12

OK so we're still not allowed to sing but, in many other respects, conditions suggest a turning of the season. Some may say I am being premature, heralding the advent of summer quite yet. But we've been waiting long enough and even if this gorgeous morning proves to be a false dawn, better to delight in what we have than wait grimly for what might never arrive, surely?

There is plenty about waiting in the Scriptures: waiting on God, waiting for Jesus' return, being patient with one another. Indeed patience, an essential ingredient in successful waiting, is numbered among the fruit of the spirit. And for good reason, as we can see. How reassuring that what comes so un-naturally to many of us, may come by the grace of God and through that process of sanctification, which is the immediate if gradual inheritance of those who are justified through faith in Jesus.

If patience is a necessary ingredient of waiting, then so is stamina essential to patience. And, as every endurance athlete knows, the ability to pace oneself governs our stamina, enabling us to keep on keeping on. Which brings us to the principle of variety and rest. It is said that "change is as good as a rest". Well, that depends on what kind of change. Not if it's harder work or more stressful. But, if it means a change of scene or a leisure activity or enjoying down-time alone or with friends or family, well... now you're talking.

So, whatever you've got planned - or not - enjoy your weekend!



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