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The End

"For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God's words are fulfilled." Revelation 17.17

If you want to know how the world will end, read chapter 17 of Revelation, the culminating book of the Bible. Here the angel of judgment shows the apostle John a grotesque vision - of a prostitute sitting on a monster floating on water. The monster represents the tyrants of world power and the prostitute is the embodiment of their wickedness. Far from feeling shame, they are intoxicated with their evil so that even the inhabitants of the word, represented by the water on which they are floating, stagger around in a drunken stupor. In their stupidity they rage against God but to no avail.

Though we are warned that the chaotic, despotic, corrupt and evil forces of worldly power will have their day, we are also promised that it will come to a swift and abrupt conclusion. In a final and tragically ironic convulsion, those who have been seduced will turn on the object of their seduction and expose her for what she is. Unwittingly they have become the instruments of judgment for the very God they have denied and rebelled against!

Don't you be duped! Decide today who you are going to live for: the lying spirit of the age which appears to flourish in its denial of God but whose days are numbered, or for the Lamb who seems weak but who triumphs in the end because he is real and true?



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