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Through thick and thin

The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want...

While Amazing Grace may be the most recorded hymn of all time, Psalm 23 is certainly the most sung. Featuring in so many weddings and funerals, as well as in church services and at official events, it is associated with King David, who ruled Israel 3,000 years ago!

David started out as a shepherd and Psalm 23 is based on a year in the life of a shepherd. It begins in the safety of the home paddock and then traces the migration of the flock through the narrow gorges up onto the high plateau where the summer grazings are to be found, before returning to the safety of the fold and the promise of enduring comfort. The message is, of course, that God cares for his people with the same commitment of the shepherd, who guides, protects and feeds his flock, thereby earning their complete trust and affection.

The enduring appeal of this simple yet profound hymn/ psalm is explained by the way it continues to resonate with our need for the same basic requirements, in a relationship which meets deeper desires such as meaning, worship and purpose.



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