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Tionndadh ceithir timcheall

Leave your nets and follow me... Jesus in Matthew 4. 19 & 20

The international news grows more horrific by the day. On top of the continuing anguish caused by climate change and the Covid crisis, further news of Palestinians and Israelis tearing each other apart, while Burma continues to tear itself apart. And these headlines are burying other outrages which are the more distressing because they are invisible (out of sight, out of mind).

None of this should surprise us but it should disturb us - into prayer and action. Jesus warned us that suffering would continue until his return, when he would bring justice and peace. In the meantime he also called us to become part of the solution that he was bringing. How can we do or, indeed, be that?

It starts by recognising that we are part of the problem, as sinful human beings. In that awareness we heed Jesus calling to "repent and believe the Gospel". In the 'Thy Kingdom Come' reflection for today, Jesus' call is interpreted as a summons to depart from the path of destruction upon which we naturally find ourselves and follow Jesus along a completely different path. In the Gaelic version this is rendered "Tionndadh ceithir timcheall", implying a thorough re-set in our attitudes and actions.

Today is Ascension Sunday, when we get the opportunity to celebrate the Ascension of Jesus (which occurred on the previous Thursday) with our whole church family. As we do so, let us remember the human family, trapped in sin and suffering, and redouble our commitment to hold Him high who alone can offer us a way out of despair and death into life life and hope...



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