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To the rescue

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46.1

Today is 'International Day of Prayer for Emergency Services'. We thank God for the women and men who risk their lives to rescue others and for the families who support them. We acknowledge the training they undergo in order to develop the skills and endurance that are necessary and we commend them to the protection of Almighty God.

Our prayers and appreciation are sharpened in the knowledge that our ultimate rescuer is Jesus, who saves us all from sin and death and hell. And in the meantime he adorns our lives with healing and hope and purpose. Amazingly he calls us all into his rescue mission and equips us for the task. So today is our day too!

May all believers catch the vision of God's great rescue mission to redeem the world, to defeat the devil and his angels and thereby restore health and wholeness to all Creation. May we all heed his call to become both heralds and agents in this most noble and urgent of tasks and may all the glory go to Him!



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