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"For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him..." Colossians 1.19

In his letter to the Colossians, Paul insists that God reveals himself so completely in Jesus that Jesus must pervade every aspect of life. This is the make or break issue of faith. There is no middle ground. If God exists and Jesus is his revelation, then he is our point of reference. If not, then he does not matter.

Believers have made up our minds already - but have our lives caught up? To call oneself a Christian is to recognise that God showed himself to the world in Jesus - who entered creation, was crucified in creation and for creation and rose again to initiate the New Creation. This has implications for our personal and social lives, for national and international relations and for the way we inhabit the world.

Jesus commands our attention and our loyalty in every dimension of our life and work. So our faith can never be only private. Whether in work or retired, whatever our vocation, Christians must put faith in Jesus at the forefront of our thinking and decision-making. In speaking truth to power churches must be clear about our motives: we are not political animals, we are witnesses to the coming and coming agin of the Lord of Creation!



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