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Total restoration

But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you. Psalm 130.4

In other religions god is either multiform, appearing in various guises within creation, or transcendent, beyond our reach. In both cases devotees live in fear, doing what they can to placate the deity and solicit his or her aid. Not so with God, as he presents himself in Jesus and is operative in the world today in the Holy Spirit. The Bible introduces us to a God who is both transcendent in glory, while also being accessible - wherever we are and whatever we have done.

The Apostles Creed insists that, after his crucifixion and before his resurrection, Jesus "descended into hell". Why? To convey his message of redemption, so that even those in the deepest depths and darkest recesses of life and death may receive hope: the hope of mercy, forgiveness, new life - their/ our own resurrection no less! Such is the belief of the composer of Psalm 130. And not only their belief; it is their experience too. So now their greatest desire is to share the good news, verses 7&8:

Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is full redemption. He himself will redeem Israel from all their sins.



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