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Vigour and imagination

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18.3

Our Holiday Club began yesterday. It rained throughout but the children seemed not to notice. They were excited and engaged. They still wanted to run around outside during break-time, even if that meant donning coats and boots rather than T-shirts and sandals. Running through the activities is story of God's creation and re-creation of the world. In the first session, the children were tasked with making an object out of play-dough and, when they had finished, invited to make the same object again but out of thin air this time. Instead of the anticipated perplexity, which would prompt leaders to eulogise on the wonder of God's creation, the children instinctively made shapes with their hands or began to act out their objects, charades-style.

Children are often ahead of adults when it comes to responding spontaneously to fresh information and/ or unfamiliar situations. That predisposes them to many of the spiritual insights which elude us who have grown cynical and set in our ways. It can be exhausting but spending time with young people can also re-fresh our perspective on life in general and on faith in particular - even if their energy is vicariously enjoyed rather than joined in with..But, who knows, one might find there is life still in the old bones!



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