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Wakey, wakey

"There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven." Luke 21.11

Whatever one's view of its source - natural cycle or human-induced or a combination - few would deny the reality of shifting weather patterns, warming temperatures and their devastating consequences. And on those with a biblical worldview, their resonance with indicators of the end times will not be lost. But can we make those connections and what should we do about it?

At one level, those indicators have been with us since the unusual events associated with the death and resurrection of Jesus. And that is to be expected because his return in glory was promised and is expected: we have been in the End Times ever since. And that introduces a vital extra dimension for Christians: these natural phenomena are not simply harbingers of our changing climate, or even the end of the world, they are precursors to the return of Jesus.

Seen from that perspective, our response is obvious: get ready! If you know that the one you revere, to whom you are accountable, is about to return... you make sure you are prepared. What does that entail? Having your own house in order and being about your legitimate business. Too much of the time, Christians wander around as if we are no different from anyone else. We may be no better but we have a job to do: witnessing to our faith in Jesus, caring for the vulnerable, being salt and light.

Time to heed the alarm clock!



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