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Where everybody is somebody

... he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ... Ephesians 1.5

As quickly as it began it was over. But the Holiday Club was intense and the children were enthusiastic and so much was accomplished over the three days that we gathered. One little girl was even crying as we concluded yesterday, so much had she enjoyed herself. When one hears of the delinquency afflicting so many of our communities, we are indeed blessed with the youngsters we have: energetic but polite, mischievous yet respectful. Perhaps that comes from inhabiting a community where most have roots and whose families are connected. I was still alarmed by the number coming out of broken homes and living with only one parent. We are not that different from the rest of the UK!

Our theme was the big story of God's creation and re-creation of the world. Learning about the wonders which surround us was as invigorating as recognising the damage we have caused and how far short of our duty of stewardship we have fallen was sobering. Introducing Jesus as the solution, through his sacrificial death on the cross in atonement for our sins and in his rising in victory over death as pioneer and provider of new and everlasting life was as thrilling as ever to hear and celebrate. Perhaps the most powerful message the club conveyed was that there is a place in God's Kingdom for everyone and that his invitation is personal and unconditional. That was confirmed by the way Timmy and his team served the children and their families.



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