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Whose side are they on?

"’My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers." Matthew 21.13

One of my prayer diaries informs me that we are in the middle of National Love Our Schools Week. We always seem to be in a special season of one kind or another!

And why not - love our schools? Are they not the factories of learning to which most of us delegate our parental responsibility to educate our children? Therefore to love our schools is to love our children - and those who nurture them.

Yet reports are emerging of an alarming - and largely hidden - agenda, which finds teachers colluding with pupils to reassign their gender identity, without the permission or knowledge of parents. This is linked to a wider conspiracy, apparently encouraged by the Scottish government and involving the health services, to facilitate a process which can lead to irreversible changes in hormones and ultimately in sex. All of this before the young people in question have reached the maturity of adulthood!

At the outset, loving our schools must surely involve us all in praying into the situation. That must be followed up by becoming better acquainted with what is going on and may even lead to our taking action.

In reference to the temple at Jerusalem, Jesus objected to what should be a house of prayer becoming an centre of commercial exploitation. Ought we not take issue when what should be a haven of learning becomes a vehicle for sexual experimentation, without the awareness of parents - far less our blessing?



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